Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

• Bitget and CoinStats have formed a strategic partnership to revolutionize crypto asset management.
• The new alliance offers real-time performance tracking, saving time and improving accuracy for investors.
• CoinStats provides users with an easy, unified interface to connect, monitor, and manage CeFi, DeFi, and NFT holdings.

Bitget & CoinStats: Revolutionizing Crypto Asset Management

The Need for a Streamlined Solution

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly entrenched in the mainstream financial landscape – prompting investors worldwide to look for streamlined solutions to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving crypto realm. In this era of 24/7 market dynamics, a novel approach is needed to keep up with asset management demands. This is where crypto portfolio trackers come into play – providing comprehensive insights by consolidating data from wallets and exchanges while offering timely insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

CoinStats: A Powerful Portfolio Manager

CoinStats emerges as the go-to platform for managing disparate digital assets from one unified interface – with over 1 million users worldwide trusting its services. It allows users to easily monitor and manage their CeFi, DeFi, and NFT holdings while keeping them updated on trading asset performance in real time. Furthermore, it simplifies tax compliance by facilitating tax reporting across jurisdictions due to varying regulations – all without sacrificing accuracy or losing time manually managing investments across platforms.

Strategic Partnership Facilitates Transaction Tracking

Bitget’s latest alliance with CoinStats marks an important milestone in reshaping how investors manage their burgeoning digital assets. The synergy between these two powerful platforms introduces new levels of effortless transaction tracking and improved user experience – including full access to detailed transaction history that was previously unavailable through CoinStats alone. This strategic partnership revolutionizes the asset management landscape by allowing users to seamlessly monitor and manage their diverse crypto assets from one single interface – giving them a panoramic view of their holdings with support for over 300 wallets and exchanges (and counting).


In light of this insightful collaboration between Bitget & CoinStats, investors now have access to unprecedented opportunities when it comes managing their cryptocurrency portfolios more efficiently than ever before! With features that enable automated tracking processes coupled with timely insights into market trends – users can now adjust their portfolios accordingly for maximum returns while also staying ahead of the curve when it comes to complying with taxes across jurisdictions.

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