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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No 646517 and No 691732
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Demowind is now accepting Stage 1 (Outline) Proposal submissions for the Joint Call 2016.

You can create an account, add consortium partners and submit an outline proposal for your DemoWind 2 project proposal.  

Stage 1 (Outline) proposals will be accepted up until 14.00 CET on 5 May 2016

…..and register for the DemoWind 2 Webinar on 26 February:


DemoWind aims to support the development and demonstration of innovative technologies which can reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. DemoWind will target capital intensive, industry-led demonstration projects that would be difficult or impossible for a single country to support. It will help to align national research between the six partner countries and promote knowledge-sharing between national innovation programmes.

The DemoWind 2 Joint Call will support innovation in the following wide range of offshore wind technologies:

• Turbine components;
• Foundation structures (fixed);
• Floating offshore systems;
• Electrical networks;
• Installation & decommissioning practices;
• Operations & maintenance;
• Large met-ocean database.

DemoWind 2 project consortia must include a minimum of two independent, industrial partners from at least two of the countries providing funding for the Joint Call 2016 (i.e. Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and the UK).


In the Joint Call 2016, DemoWind will be looking for collaborative, industry-led demonstration projects which are expected to deliver excellence, impact – including cost reduction and benefits to the European offshore wind industry – and high quality, efficient implementation.

Detailed information on scope and eligibility criteria will be provided in the Call Text, available from 16 February 2016.


The total funding available for the DemoWind Joint Call 2016 projects is up to €24 million, made up of national and regional budgets from funding organisations in five countries (Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and the UK) and an EU contribution.

Projects are subject to both national/regional funding rules and European State Aid requirements.

Organisations from other countries can participate as partners in DemoWind 2 projects as long as they can provide their own funding.

The application process for DemoWind is centralised: when the call is open, project proposals must be submitted the Electronic Submission System on the DemoWind website. 

DemoWind 2 will use a two stage submission process:
Stage 1 (outline proposal) – eligibility check carried out at national/regional level;
Stage 2 (full proposal) – eligibility check and international evaluation by independent experts.


Common evaluation criteria will be applied to all projects: projects are expected to deliver deliver excellence, impact – including cost reduction and benefits to the European offshore wind industry – and high quality, efficient implementation. Details of the evaluation criteria for the DemoWind 2 Joint Call 2016 are set out in the Joint Call 2016 Guidance document.


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You can register information about your organisation on the DemoWind Partner Search Directory to help find a DemoWind project partner  CLICK HERE TO SEARCH THE DIRECTORY

Further advice and assistance for finding a project partner is also available from the Enterprise Europe Network Partnering Opportunity Tool: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TOOL

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DemoWind Coordinator

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